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I am almost reluctant to mention this place for fear of it becoming spoiled. This is the best short hiking trail in Austin, and very few people know about it due to its remote location and limited markings. It is a very popular hiking trail for people to bring their dogs.

This park is part of the Emma Long Metropolitan Park area, but since it is outside the park's pay area it is free. What makes this trail so excellent is that it is so natural looking. The way the trees are lined up make it look like Sleepy Hollow or some other spooky forest, and the trail criss-crosses the creek probably a dozen or so times. When there is lots of water in the creek the stepping stones are submerged, so be prepared to have wet feet. Unfortunately, when it is dry, this hike isn't so interesting, but when there is water running it can really be a lot of fun.

The hike is about 2.5 miles round-trip. Near the mid-way point there is a huge limestone cliff with a wall of ferns growing off of it. It makes the long hike all worth it. I've done this hike several times near dusk and it gets really creepy out there, but it makes it quite exciting! On the average day, you'll probably only see one or two other groups of people on the trail, many of them bring their dogs as this is an excellent trail for the canine folks.


Take 2222 past 360 to the first light which is City Park Road. This road goes for about 8 curvy miles until you get to Emma Long Metropolitan Park. Go past the first entrance gate to the park and keep an eye out for the small Turkey Creek parking sign - it will be on the right. If you get to the toll-booth at the lake entrance then you've gone too far.


I need to take more pictures, but most of the hike looks like this one. Lots of water crossings and thick woods.

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