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This park would normally have gotten a 4 or 5 flag rating, however, the inexcusably high entrance fee results in a lower rating. Not that long ago, the entrance fees on weekdays were $4 per car and $6 on weekends. But now they charge a whopping $8 per car every day of the week... extortion!

Emma Long Park is a very large park on Lake Austin, and it has close to a mile of lakefront access. There is a beach swimming area, volleyball courts, a boat ramp, camping areas, and day-use picnic areas. You can bring your dog here, and even though you're supposed to keep dogs on a leash, most people don't, so this is a nice dog-friendly place to go.

It should be noted that parts of EMLP are free. Only the lake-access area is where you have to pay, but also within the park boundaries is Turkey Creek, one of the best hikes in all of Austin. There is also a motorcycle trail which I hear is also popular with mountain bikers.


EMLP is located about 8 miles down City Park Rd. which is near the intersection of 2222 and 360. Take 2222 West past 360 and the first light is City Park Rd. Take a left onto City Park Rd. and follow it 8 miles until you get to the booth where you'll pay the extortion fee.


This is the only picture of EMLP that I have. It was rainy and foggy that day, and since it costs so much to get into this park, I doubt I'll be back anytime soon to take better pictures.

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