The Sandy Ranch is an incredible piece of land that I purchsed in May of 2006. It is located between Llano and Fredericksburg, Texas, about 1 mile west of Enchanted Rock State Park. The property is actually on the trailing edge of the Enchanted Rock formation, so we have our own granite dome, and the Sandy Creek that runs through the park runs for about 1/2 mile through the Sandy Ranch as well.

When I bought the property it was a mess. The previous owners were running a cattle lease with the neighbors, and they had way too many cows on there, so they pretty much had decimated the vegitation. In 2009 we switched from running cattle to doing Wildlife Management. We still get to keep our agriculture valuation so that we don't get taxed out of the place, and in the process we are restoring the land to it's correct and natural state.

The Sandy Ranch

To see lots of photos of The Sandy Ranch click here.

I recently had satellite internet installed at the cabin. Click here to learn more about my experience with Wildblue / ViaSat / Exede satellite internet.




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