Brian Greenstone


Here are a few of my own guitar compositions. The transcriptions are accurate but sloppy, so it's best to follow the tab and not the standard notion because the notation was automatically generated by the software I was using (TablEdit), and it's a mess.


This is my first full piece. I call it Doodle because that's basically what it is. I was sitting in front of the TV one day and was just doodling around with the guitar when the first few measures of the song fell together. Two days later I had finished the rest of it.

Click to download the transcription for "Doodle"


This is my 2nd full piece. I call it Nameless because I suck at naming songs, and I never bothered to title the song until I transcribed it. So, since the song was nameless for so long, it seemed like "Nameless" was a good title for it. Note that the recording is done on Capo I. This song works pretty well at Capo 0, 1 or 2, but my guitar seems to sound best at Capo I for this song.

Click to download the transcription for "Nameless"


I started working on this at the same time that I did Nameless, but it always seemed like the introduction to something longer. I tried for months to add new transitions and passages to this song, but they never really worked out, so I decided to just refine what I had and call it a Prelude. It builds a little as it goes and it's a fun one to play because it's easy to improvise a little, and I rarely play it the same way each time.

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