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Wimberley is a small town with a central shopping square called the Olde Towne Plaza that has many nice shops selling everything from antiques to rustic artwork and furniture to high priced glass artwork.

Just down the road from the Olde Towne Plaza is an attraction called Pioneertown. I've been there twice and they're always closed, so I don't know what normally goes on there, but I've walked around and it is a very weird place. Pioneertown is a re-creation of an old west town and there are posed mannequins in the faux building windows. It was quite surreal being there when it was all deserted - like a real Ghost Town.

Once a month there is a Market Day event in Wimberley. It's a pretty big one, so there's a lot to see, but it's pretty much the same junk you see at any of the regular crafts fairs around the area. There are some nice things to be found, but there's also a lot of junk and mass-produced stuff.

There is also a well known swimming hole called Blue Hole which is walking distance from the Town Plaza.


Take 290 to route 12 in Dripping Springs. Follow 12 right into Wimberley and the Plaza. The visitors center is right before the Plaza on the left.

NOTE: If you live by the lake off 620 like I do, then here's a shortcut which is incredibly scenic: Take 71 West to Hamilton Pool Rd. and turn left. Then turn left onto Route 12 which takes you to through Dripping Springs and all the way to Wimberley. This is a *really* nice drive and faster than taking 290 since there are no stop lights, no traffic, and no cops.


The Old Mill Store
Ice Cream
A cat crashed out in one of the stores
The Cypress Creek Cafe
Pioneer Town

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