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Okay, Seminole Canyon isn't anywhere near Austin or the Hill Country, but it's only a 4 1/2 hour drive, and I had a fantastic time there, so I'm writing it up anyway. I should also preface this review by saying that the weather was absolutely perfect while I was there and that contributed to everything.

Seminole Canyon is out in the middle of nowhere, about 40 minutes West of Del Rio. There isn't much to do at the park except to take their various guided tours of the Indian rock art that is scattered all around the canyon. You can get much more information about this on the TPW web site for Seminole Canyon. The pictures on the TPW site really don't do this park justice. It's much more impressive in person.

When I went to Seminole Canyon I went on one of the guided tours called the "Presa Canyon Tour". This tour was totally awesome!! It was a very rough 7+ hour off-trail hike that involved lots of climbing, bushwacking, water crossing, and Indian rock art sites. I went in early November and lucked out because rains the previous few weeks had really kept everything lush and green. There were lots of lantana and silverado sage in bloom. I was told that normally it's much more desolate at that time of year. If you're going to come to this park, definitely do it on a day when they offer the Presa Canyon Tour. It ranks as one of the best hikes I've ever taken! You need to make reservations for this tour in advance, and it's $25. Well worth every penny, and only for those who are in good shape and have good hiking gear!

I was also pleasantly surprised at the campgrounds here. The facilities are very nice, and so is the view. But remember, other than the morning tours, there's basically nothing else to do here. There's a 6 mile trail from the camping area to the rim of the canyon, but that's about it.


Take 35 to San Antonio. Then take the 410 loop West and hitch 90 all the way to the park which is about 40 minutes West of Del Rio and just past Comstock.


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