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The northern tip of Pease Park at 24th and Lamar has been designated a leash-free zone for dogs. There is a big open area with benches where you can find friends for your dog to play with any day of the week. This is not a very scenic park, and even though Shoal Creek does run through it, the water is pretty nasty and is more reminiscent of a sewer than a creek.

There is a nice trail which runs along Lamar, but if you want to go for a nature hike there are certainly much better options that this. The best reason to visit Pease Park is for doggie social hour. The area tends to get rather muddy after a good rain, so take that into consideration as well. If you're looking for a good place for Fido to socialize, the Bull Creek District Park is much, much better.

There is a lot of jogger and bicycle traffic going through the leash free zone, so be careful if Fido is no well behaved.


It really depends where in Pease Park you want to go, but to get to the doggie park area take Lamar to 24th and then look for the entrance either at Shoal Creek Blvd. or the unnamed entrance.


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