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The Greenstone Guide to Austin & The Hil Country



If you're headed to Lake Travis for a day of fun in the sun then this is really the only lake-access park you want to go to. This is an excellent lake park, and it has everything you could ever want from cliff diving, boat ramps, picnic sites, camping grounds, hiking trails, and of course... 6 miles of excellent Lake Travis shoreline.

The shoreline is extremely vast and even on crowded summer weekends you will always be able to find a spot to park the can and set up camp. The shore is best when the lake is a little bit low since that exposes the nice sandy part of the shore. When the lake is high it gets a little rocky in some places.

The main lake area is in a section called Mudd Cove. There are dozens of other coves and areas in this park, and many have excellent scenery, but if you're looking for lake access, then go to Mudd Cove. On the way to Mudd Cove you will pass the unmarked cliff diving area. There is always a group of 17 years old males with too much testosterone hanging out there making their jumps. But beware! People have been hurt and killed while jumping off of the cliffs. Only do it when the water level is high or at near normal levels. When I was in college a guy in one of my classes jumped off that cliff and hit bottom. He was in a full-body cast and I don't know if he lived.

The hiking trails here are nothing extraordinary, but in the spring there is an awesome display of bluebonnets in this park. The park is heavily patrolled, and it is illegal to bring glass containers or alcohol into the park, so beware!


Take 71 toward Llano. Turn right onto 2322 (there is a brown highway sign that points you to Pace Bend Park), and follow it about 6 miles until you get to the park entrance. Once past the entrance you're on a big loop that goes around the entire park. Take the first right hand turn (which is easy to miss!) and follow that to Mudd Cove which will be on the right side a good ways down.


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