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Cafe Bleu is located about a mile or two down the Sandy Creek arm of Lake Travis. This is certainly the nicest place to eat on the lake, and all of their seating is outdoors on a large deck that overlooks the lake. This place would have gotten a better rating from me, but it suffers from a few flaws: 1) very limited boat parking, 2) I'm never sure when they're open - half the time I sail by they're closed, 3) food is way, way overpriced for what you get, and 4) their frozen margaritas, aren't.

Many of the dishes at Cafe Bleu are very good, and some not so much. Oddly their fish tacos which are one of the least expensive items on the menu, are one of the best. Once a bunch of us ordered something like the Blackened Chicken or Cajun Chicken... something like that. It cost around $15 from what I remember, and it was like a TV dinner sized portion of dry chicken and very little sides. We were all shocked at how awful that dish was. Whenever we order margaritas there, they're not very frozen. Maybe their slushee machine can't keep up with the heat out there.


From Mansfield Dam, turn right at Starnes Island (across from U-Float-Em). Go past Volente Beach and keep going until you see Cafe Bleu on the right.


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