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The Greenstone Guide to Austin & The Hil Country



Krause Springs is one of the best swimming holes in the Hill Country. It's privately owned, but admission is really cheap, just $3 per person. It's hard to explain this place since the terrain is so unique, but basically several springs pour over bare limestone into large crystal clear pools which are a pleasure to swim in. The limestone flows are surrounded by thick vegetation and trees, so you really feel like you're in another world. There's a rope swing and even a waterfall with a small cave behind it which you can swim into.

This place does get busy in the summer, and once people get in the water it goes from crystal clear to murky. My advice is to get there around 10am or so. That'll give you some time before the big crowds arrive.


Krause Springs is located in Spicewood which is about 20 minutes west on 71 from 620. Proceed west on 71, past the turnoff for Pace Bend Park, and past the Pedernales River. About 7 miles past the Pedernales River, turn right onto Spur 191 (there's an Exxon there). Then about a mile down turn right on County Road 404. Follow that another mile or so to Krause Springs.


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