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I can no longer go see a movie at any theather other than an Alamo Drafthouse because this is really the only way to do it. Instead of being subjected to dozens of annoying commercials before a movie, you're treated to some entertaining "vintage" footage of random stuff that is somehow related to the movie you are going to see. If you haven't been there then that statement probably makes no sense, but I'll just let you ponder what it could mean. Suffice to say, the pre-show is often as entertaining as the actual show. Unfortunately, they switched to an assigned-seating system several years ago, and I find this incredibly annoying, so I've deducted some points.

The Alamo Drafthouse is more than just a movie theater. It is also a restaraunt where you can eat and drink during the show. The food is generally pretty good. I'm partial to their Greek salad and the pizzas! Stay away from the wings - they're awful. Plenty of beer selections, and they also have Italian sodas which I really like. Sometimes they'll offer a special custom menu for a show where the food is somehow related to the theme of the movie.

In addition to the usual current releases, the Drafthouse also offers some unique shows like Sing-Alongs, Foleyvision, etc. etc. Believe me, there are some pretty odd things that go on there. It is best to check the Alamo Drafthouse web site for all of the current events at the various locations.


Here are pictures of me having Bruce Campbell autograph his book at a book signing at the Llamar location. He was there to promote the book and to show a preview of his Sci-Fi channel movie, "The Man with the Screaming Brain". The movie sucked, but it was awesome to meet Bruce.

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