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The Salt Lick is probably the most revered BBQ joint in the Austin area, and by "area" I mean Driftwood. The Salt Lick 360 is not the same as the real Salt Lick in Driftwood. The Salt Lick 360 sucks! Don't waste your time. But the one in Driftwood is a place everyone needs to visit. Luckily, I went to The Salt Lick when I was in college; before it was discovered, and there was nobody there. About 2 months after I ate there that time, the Austin American Statesman did an article about the place, and that's when things really boomed. Now everyone knows about The Salt Lick, and on weekends you can expect to wait an hour or two for a table.

The thing about The Salt Lick that makes it great is not really the food, but rather the experience. Great Texas Barbecue is part food and part experience, and the best places have both. Personally, I think the BBQ at The Salt Lick is good, but not great. It's really pretty generic by Texas BBQ standards, but it's still good. The experience, however, is what makes this place stand out. Getting there is half the fun, and then waiting for table is fun too because they have a really nice outdoor waiting area. Then, inside, you have to order Family Style. That's the ONLY way to go here! They bring you endless plates of meat, and you'll end up eating more than you can possible handle. Often when I leave my hands are shaking from food overdose! If you have a large group, the experience gets even better!

So, this place is great, but it does not get 6 flags because of two problems: 1) the BBQ is only average, and 2) they only take cash. Eating there isn't cheap, and having to pay in cash is a hassle. Also, they're in a dry county, so you have to bring in your own booze, but once again, that just adds to the experience.

While you're out in Driftwood, also be sure to stop by the Barsana Dham temple. It's spectacular!


Take 290 to The Y at Oak Hill. Go past The Y and turn left onto FM 1826. Go down many miles to Driftwood and look for The Salt Lick on the right.



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