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The Greenstone Guide to Austin & The Hil Country



I'm feeling generous today, so I'm giving Comfort 3 flags. I do this because this small town has more quality antique stores per block than anywhere else I've seen. By quality, I mean a mix of real, quality, antiques and 1800's Texas Pioneer style primitive antiques. You won't find much of that garage sale quality junk here. The shops in Comfort sell the good stuff, but it's pretty pricey. The prices on things at these stores is well above average, but at least there's lots of it in one town.

Aside from that there's really nothing else to do here. There are some nice little restaurants to eat at, but it's pretty much an antique shopping stop. It's a quick drive from Fredericksburg, so if you're staying a weekend there then make a quick side trip to Comfort for lunch.


From Fredericksburg, take 87 South for about 17 miles until you hit Comfort.

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