Brian Greenstone

The Greenstone Guide to Austin & The Hil Country



This is a tough place to rate because it has a lot going for it, yet a lot not going for it. The best part about this park is that it looks and smells so much different from all of the other parks in the Hill Country. It's loaded with tall pine trees, and the hiking trails are littered with pine needles and... dare I say it... SOIL! It's a pleasant change to actually walk on dirt and ruffage rather than white limestone. However, the downside is that geologically this park is pretty dull. It's relatively flat and there are no really exciting water features. It's basically just a hike thru a pine forest. There are lots of long trails, so you can certainly get some exercise here.

The facilities at this park are superb. There's a swimming pool, cabins, etc. So, I guess you'll need to be your own judge on this park, but honestly, I can't really recommend going too far out of your way to visit this park since there are just so many other more interesting ones in the area.


Take 71 past the airport and past Bastrop. You'll see the park sign pointing to the park entrance on the left side of the freeway.


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