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I'm probably going to get some grief for only giving this a 4 flag rating because this is one of those favorite spots in Austin for most people, and don't get me wrong, it's a great place. The only problem is that it is completely overrun with college students and mountain bikers. This is not a place you go to appreciate quiet nature. It is incredibly crowded, and for me that ruins a lot of the experience. The greenbelt is a 9 mile stretch of parkland that is very beautiful with the creek, cliffs and other points of interest. If you go early in the day then you might be able to beat the crowds, and parking is a problem as well. Not only do the parking areas get very full, but there are a lot of vehicle break-ins there as well. Almost every time I've been down there I've seen the piles of windshield glass left from a recent break-in.

I know, I know. I should be saying nicer things about this place, but it's just hard for me. I think that 20 years ago this was one of Austin's gems, but now it's a place I tend to avoid. There are many other hiking trails with water in Austin, and none of them get innundated like the Barton Creek Greenbelt, so I'd recommend them over this.


The easiest parking area is the Mo-Pac entrance. From 360 South take the Mo-Pac South exit and stay right instead of getting onto Mo-Pac. You'll see the trailhead just before the road does a U-turn under Mo-Pac.



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