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Okay, I'm probably going to get in trouble for giving 6th Street a low rating, but quite honestly I don't find the place appealing anymore. Things have gone downhill in that area over the last 10 years. 6th Street is known for it's great live music. Some of it is good, but when you live in the Live Music Capitol of the World you have to realize that statistically speaking, most of it is going to be garage-band crap, so choose your acts carefully.

The one redeeming value I find in 6th street (and the surrounding 4th and 5th streets) is that the area has a lot of excellent restaurants. Finding a parking spot anywhere near one of these restaurants is almost impossible, and valet parking rates have gotten ridiculous over the years. There used to be a free public parking garage over by the Austin Music Hall, but that's gone.

There is one gem of an institution on 6th Street, however. Esther's Follies has been around forever, and this is one of the best live comedy acts you'll find anywhere! If you go to 6th Street then make it a point to get tickets to one of these shows. This is hands-down the best night-time entertainment in all of Austin!


Get on 6th and drive until you can park somewhere.


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